Welcome to the Treatise on the Court: The Early Modern Management Classic on Organizational Behaviour.

Eustache de Refuge wrote about how to achieve career success from the first day to the last, how to analyze organizational context, how to categorize and deal with power-brokers in organizations, what to do when ordered to do something wrong, how to neutralize opponents, and about sex in the workplace.

The book is Treatise on the Court and this new edition is translated from the 1618 French edition by Chris Cooper.

On this website you can find out more information about this exceptionally relevant classic guide to organizational behaviour. You can also read excerpts from the book, purchase a copy and find resources about organizational behaviour today as well as De Refuge’s management theories.

Original book cover of latin edition of 1642

The latin edition of 1642

New edition of Treatise on the Court Book Cover

The new edition of 2008

Page 153 of new edition of Treatise on the Court

The new edition of 2008