The Author

Eustache de Refuge (1564-1617) worked as a French parliamentarian, executive and statesman during a time of rapid change in France and Europe.He served, most notably, under Henri IV, and his experiences took him all over France as well to Switzerland, Holland, Flanders (Belgium), and Germany as French Ambassador.

Eustache de Refuge’s Treatise on the Court was probably first published Holland in 1615 anonymously, as was common practice during this period. During his lifetime, he also wrote or co-authored two other published works including:

Traité de la reformation de la justice (1615) which concerned structures and government. It was written at least in part by De Refuge and was based on a text by Michel de l’Hôpital, Chancellor of France from 1560-1567.

Géographie historique, universelle et particulière, avec un Traité de la préséance du roy de France contre celuy d’Espagne, par feu M. de Refuge (published after his death in 1645), a survey of world geography and politics at the time.

For more information, see the Chronology of De Refuge’s Life and Times.